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Tavern Tourneys Bar Poker WisconsinYou can host Texas Hold Em Tournaments in your establishment!

Turn a quiet night into a busy night by becoming a host for Tavern Tourneys Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments.
Get your regulars (and other tavern's regulars!) through the doors on your quiet nights and attract new customers by hosting Texas Holdem tournaments. New customers will naturally come back for more - and not just on Tournament nights! You therefore increase your regular customers and gain greater exposure for your venue.



For less than the price of a decent band, and a real exciting alternative to karaoke, you could encourage many to return to your establishment again and again by attracting dozens of customers on what is normally your quiet night. Tavern Tourneys keep players coming back for more with the compelling and competitive interaction of Tavern Tourneys Texas Holdem Tournament Nights. A great social night out for players, they earn points by playing in the games and, depending on how they do, progress to Monthly and Yearly Finals where they compete for great prizes including trips to the WSOP!

Free Texas Hold Em Tournaments WisconsinWe provide the following to ensure your success:
Tournament Director: who will register all players, set up and take down the equipment, settle any hand ranking or table behavior issues, time and raise the blinds, chip players up, teach new players to play, record and upload the results, offer on the spot prizes, and encourage others to join in.
Equipment includes: quality poker tables, poker chips, playing cards. Posters and promotional aides. And a quality experience for your players.
As a host all you need to have is enough space and seating for at least 64 players and we'll do the rest!



Here are some frequently asked questions concerning FREE Poker Tournament promotions at your Establishment:

Q: I don't know much about poker, should I pass on this?
A: Poker can be a little intimidating for people who don't play. Don't let it be! The game is quite simple and can be taught to anyone very quickly. It does help if you have some basic understanding of how Texas Hold’em Tournaments are played, and we will provide basic training to all new clients. Don't pass on this great opportunity to bring regular customers in to your bar.

Q: How do I get my tournament night up and going?
A: Post fliers and announce the day of the week your tournament will run. We will immediately post your location on the Tavern Tourneys locations list which will result in responses. The fliers and word-of-mouth will go a long way, but additional advertisement (radio / print) may be necessary to take this promotion to the next level.

Q: How can I maximize revenue?
A: Make sure to wait on your customers- Good service pays! You'll want your most experienced and friendly wait staff on hand. It's also a great idea to offer food and drink specials on tournament nights. Many players come early to have a bite to eat and socialize before play starts, this is a great time to offer dinner and appetizer specials!

Contact Us today and we'll be happy to discuss how we'll provide entertainment that brings you repeat business and increases your profits!

We also run Charity events - a great way to raise funds! For more information having us run a charity event for your organization contact us at: taverntourneys@gmail.com (Please note that Tavern Tourneys only runs Texas Hold Em events in Wisconsin)

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