We at Tavern Tourneys are excited to bring you the hottest game in the country:


We run professional Texas Hold 'Em tournaments in Southeast Wisconsin that are FREE to play in
and offer an opportunity to win great PRIZES every night!!
So why not join us for a night of fun. Bring your friends or come and make new ones.
There is no entry fee, cover charge or minimum purchase required.
You've got nothing to lose and everything to win...well at least your share of $1000's in prizes every month as
well as trips to the WSOP twice yearly!
All Tavern Tourneys monthly and 6 month tournaments are held locally!
you never have to travel out of state for an event, unless of course you win a seat in the WSOP!
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Requirements & Rules of Tavern Tourneys Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments

All players must be at least 21, register in person, and have a valid photo ID
Players will be allowed into the tournament until one player is eliminated - After which time you can "buy a round" into a table or wait until break.
Rounds may be bought until there are 2 tables left.
Rounds may not be "bought" with drink chips. Rounds must be at least $10.00. Also, when a round is bought you are only entitled to what you have in front of you or its price equivalent.
Anyone caught bringing in their own chips will be disqualified
Players may not bring outside food or beverages into a tournament (there are some exceptions B-day Cakes, Holiday treats, etc. and are at the T.D.'s discretion) bringing alcohol is never allowed.
Abusive language or actions towards anyone will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification.


At the tables

  Seating at tables is first come first choice
All players will begin with 2000 in chips (plus early chip if applicable, drink chips, etc)
  Cards must remain on or over the table at all times -you may not hide your cards from other players
ALL Chips must remain on the table and be visible to all players
At the beginning of play each person draws one (1) card; the high card is the dealer.
cut must always be offered to the player behind the dealer
Once a player's hand touches the muck that hand is folded
no time may a player expose their hand before ALL betting is complete or their hand will be considered mucked, even during heads up.
If a player's cards aren't "protected" and another card comes into contact with them, that hand is now mucked
If a player is absent during a deal they will receive cards but their hand will be folded when the action gets to them-even if they are the BB and there has been no raise
If while dealing a card is accidentally exposed that card will become the burn card. Dealing will continue and the last card will be given to the player whose card was exposed.
If the first card off the deck is exposed, it's a misdeal. If more than one card is exposed, it's a misdeal, If a player is dealt more than two cards, the entire hand is a misdeal and all bets are returned to players, regardless of when the mistake is discovered
The player to the dealers left is the small blind (SB), the second player is the big blind (BB)

Any bet must be at least the BB
Once a raise occurs all subsequent bets for that round must be of equal or greater amount
Check raising is allowed
All bets should be placed neatly in front of the player and remain there until all betting for a round is over.
No SPLASHING the pot -anyone splashing the pot will lose any chips bet.
No acting out of turn. Anyone acting out of turn will leave the chips in the pot and lose them.
No STRING bets-all bets must be one action. The exception is if a player declares "Raise" and only matches the bet up to that point. They may then go back for the raise amount.
When a player has no chips left they must leave the table in a timely manner OR buy a round before the next hand is dealt.

Other Rules
Any questions during play call for the T.D. Their decisions are final.
When a T.D. is called upon only the dealer of the hand in question should speak
Cheating of any type will not be tolerated and is cause for disqualification.
Collusion of any type is cause for disqualification.
Players may be asked to move from table to table.
The T.D. will move the first player behind the dealer that is not in a hand; that player will move into the seat behind the dealer at the new table.
Tables will always have at least five players, except at the final table.
Chip ups will occur during play, players' chips will be "bought". Uneven amounts will be rounded up.
When we get to heads up the person that was due to be the BB will still be -regardless of the button.

Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice

-All decisions of Tournament Directors are final-

arguing with a Tournament Director may be grounds for removal from future play.

Hosts and Tournament Directors have the right to cancel any event without notice

Contact: TavernTourneys@gmail.com