Points are awarded as follows:
1st - 9th receive points decreasing in points by 5 from 50 down to 10
Top 50 each month will receive bonus chips at the MONTHLY
Broken down 1-10,11-20, 21-30, 31-40 & 41-50
Players will also receive bonus chips for every day they play.
Players MUST have gotten points from a final table play to qualify
Player bonus at monthlies are a MAX of 5000

If your name is highlighted it means you are a nightly winner and are in the monthly tournament!
You will play along with the top point players for the month
Anyone on or above the GRAY line is in the monthly.

You can E-mail questions to:


* *points and their totals are not guaranteed, players may question point totals for two weeks-or until the monthly tournament-following the end of the calendar month after that point in time no changes will be made.

What To Wear

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